Past Presentation Days

To complete the Certificate in Patient Safety & Quality Management Course, a Presentation Day is held where a keynote speaker kicks-off the day and participants present their projects and a poster presentation takes place.

2017 Keynote

Maura Davies, BSc BEd, MHSA, FCCHL, Member, Governing Council, Canadian Institute of Health Research; President and Principal Consultant, Maura Davies Healthcare Consulting Inc.; Former President and CEO, Saskatoon Health Region

2016 Keynote

Peter Norton, MD, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine, University of Calgary

Patient Safety: Past, Present, and Future

2015 Keynote

Mark Fleming, CN professor of Safety, CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS

Where is the ‘patient’ in patient safety culture?

2014 Keynote

Dr. Eduardo Salas, Ph.D. Department of Psychology & Institute of Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida

Science of Teamwork