HQCA Primary Healthcare Panel Reports

April 19, 2017

Posted Apr 19, 2017

Since 2012 we have been providing primary healthcare patient panel reports, upon request, to a limited number of family physicians. We are now inviting all family physicians in Alberta to request a report.

For more information, to view a sample report, and to submit your request online to receive either the Proxy Panel Report or Confirmed Patient List Report via a secure website, go to www.hqca.ca/panelreports.

These standardized reports currently use administrative health data (and in the future, electronic medical record data) to provide descriptive aggregate information on patient panels and primary healthcare provider practice habits.

“The reports give us access to data we would otherwise not have access to,” says Karen Seigel, family physician. “They help you think about your patients at a population level.”

The reports enable comparisons of subject areas and associated metrics (e.g., patient panel characteristics, chronic conditions, and frequent diagnoses, screening, pharmaceuticals, and service utilization) to appropriate comparator groups (i.e., peers, zone and provincial aggregate).

Our intention is to provide family physicians with a report that becomes an invaluable resource for panel management, quality improvement efforts at the practice level, and in general, supporting better patient care. Should a family physician request a report, it will only be shared with them, and will not be provided to any other individuals or organizations without your authorization.