HQCA goes electric in long term care

September 28, 2017

Posted Sep 28, 2017

We are currently conducting a pilot project in partnership with Bethany to test the viability of changing to an email format for our long-term care family experience survey. Typically, the HQCA conducts experience surveys by mailing them to potential participants.

The survey gathers feedback from families of residents about the quality of care and services provided at long-term care facilities. This feedback is invaluable and will assist facilities to improve the quality of care and services they provide to residents.

The survey will be emailed to family members of residents, or those who are currently most involved in the resident’s care, at the rural community facility, Bethany Airdrie, and the urban long-term care facility, Bethany Calgary. Additionally, rather than taking place over a select period of time as we have done with our previous paper-based long-term care surveys, the pilot will use a staggered sampling approach that captures representative data quarterly throughout a fiscal year, achieving trend-like findings.

“We are excited for the potential this pilot has in moving our survey process forward – it’s more cost effective and, more importantly, it will get data to our stakeholders quicker. Meaning the data is new and more actionable,” says Andrew Neuner, HQCA CEO.

“Surveys are an important tool we use to provide a voice for Albertans about their healthcare experiences,” adds Andrew. “I hope this pilot shows increases in the usability and relevance of our survey reports.”

“Resident and family engagement highlights a priority across Bethany Care Society. Family experience surveys represent an important source of information and catalyst for quality improvement based on family input.” says Steve Friesen, Manager, Quality, Best Practice & Research. “Bethany is extremely grateful and excited to explore new opportunities this pilot provides to align current experiences of families with meaningful continuous quality improvement conversations.”

The pilot will help us determine the design and implementation of an email family experience feedback survey and is taking place from July 2017 to April 2018.

Under the Health Quality Council of Alberta Act the HQCA has a legislated mandate to survey Albertans on their experience and satisfaction with patient safety and health service quality. We conducted our fourth paper-based long term care family experience survey in 173 facilities across Alberta from April to September 2017. These results will be available in the first half of 2018. For previous long term care surveys, and to learn more about the methodology used, click here.