What have we been up to?

October 19, 2017

Posted Oct 19, 2017

The Health Quality Council of Alberta is proud of its significant accomplishments and activities in 2016-17. Our work has helped us meet our mandate of promoting and improving patient safety and health service quality.

So, what exactly did we get up to? Read our Annual Review for full details.

In the report you will also read first-hand stories from those in healthcare who have found our work useful.

Some top highlights from the year:

  1. We launched FOCUS on Emergency Departments – a uniquely Albertan online tool (focus.hqca.ca) that serves as an easily accessible, relevant and straightforward source of information about Alberta’s health system for Albertans, healthcare decision-makers, and providers.

  2. We began planning to expand FOCUS, starting with primary healthcare in 2017-18. FOCUS on Healthcare will be a website that serves as an easy, accessible, relevant, and straightforward source of information, with over 250 measures about Alberta’s health system.

  3. We released the Home Care Client Experience Survey – this means we have conducted and reported on experience surveys in all areas of continuing care.

  4. We continued our work in primary care. We expanded the production of panel reports and for the first time, invited every family physician in Alberta to submit a request for an individualized report. We also worked with a committee of physicians and other primary care stakeholders to review the current report and will make recommended improvements.

  5. We established the Patient Experience Awards program and selected four teams in healthcare to receive awards based on their demonstration of incorporating the patient voice in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of an initiative that was focused on improving the patient experience in their care setting.