Satisfaction & Experience with Healthcare Services Survey

An integral part of the HQCA’s mandate is to measure, monitor and report to Albertans about their experience and satisfaction with the quality of health services they receive. Albertans’ input about their healthcare experience is an important measure of what is working in Alberta’s health system and can help identify opportunities for improvement. The HQCA conducts a survey with Albertans every two years that measures their satisfaction and experience with healthcare services. Wherever possible, we compare the latest results with those of previous years.

The most recent results were released on December 11, 2014 and can be read below. These findings were shared with the public, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services (AHS), the health professions, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders responsible for healthcare service delivery.

Satisfaction & Experience with Healthcare Services Survey: A Survey of Albertans 2014

Listening to Albertans 2014

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Satisfaction with Health Care Services: A Survey of Albertans

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