The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health

The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health (Quality Matrix) provides a way of organizing information and thinking around the complexity of the health system.

The Quality Matrix creates a common understanding about quality for everyone who works within the healthcare system. The Quality Matrix has two components:

  1. Dimensions of quality, which focus on aspects of the patient/client experience
  2. Areas of need, which divides the range of services provided by the health system into four distinct, but related, categories.

The Quality Matrix enables the public, patients, providers, and organizations to see how levels of quality and areas of need might intersect. It has been used in numerous ways, including policy development, strategic and service planning, and as a way to educate the public about quality in healthcare.

The Matrix is being updated

In early 2022 the HQCA began a consultation process to update this well-used tool, first adopted in 2005. To inform our refresh, we are examining similar tools and consulting users within Alberta and representatives in other regions. Throughout this process, stakeholders have provided valuable insights. For example, many have identified a need for health equity to be more explicitly included in a refreshed version of the Matrix. The Matrix continues to be a useful and valued tool in Alberta. We are reflecting on the meaningful input we received thus far and look forward to sharing an updated version that reflects our shared understanding of quality healthcare today.

The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health | Graph Outlining the Quality Matrix For Health

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The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health

The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health User Guide

This user guide is to assist with understanding and using the Quality Matrix.