Patient & Family Advisory Committee

Established in 2010, the HQCA’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) identifies, studies, reviews, advocates and advises the HQCA on patient safety, person-centred care, and quality issues from a citizen, patient, and family perspective. The PFAC started as a strategic initiative through the provincial Patient Safety Framework for Albertans and works to promote patient safety principles, concepts, and actions in all aspects of Alberta’s publicly-funded healthcare system.

Alta MageeBScN MAAS
B Adair
Jamie Hodge
Jenny Ye
Katelyn Greer
Katelyn Greer
Leona FergusonRN (retired)
Leonard J. AugerCLCS
Medgine Mathurin
Michelle Hill
Nana Thaver
Sue PetersMCISc R. Aud
Teena Cormack