Nemia Valencia Gomez

Medicine Hat, AB

Nemia works in the nutrition and food services department at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, where she prepares and delivers food to patients. In addition to this position, she is also a nanny and caregiver to a local senior. Nemia came to Canada from the Philippines and actively supports education, employment and engagement opportunities for immigrants in her community. Given her passion for diversity and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for her neighbours, Nemia is also an active volunteer. She currently volunteers with the Saamis Immigration Services Association, Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, and the Medicine Hat Public Library.

Nemia joined the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) in 2018 and brings with her a passion to improve safety, health and quality of life for Albertans. In her free time, Nemia and her husband enjoy traveling, especially when their destination offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature.