Teena Cormack

Lethbridge, AB

Teena serves as an active and avid volunteer in her community. Currently, she focuses on her work as a Toastmaster and as a literacy tutor for adults with Read On, a program through the Lethbridge Public Library. Prior to receiving a disability pension, Teena held many professional positions, including her 15 years of service as an air traffic controller in the military.

Teena’s experience with the healthcare system started with her diagnostic journey regarding multiple sclerosis (MS). This journey included her family, and uncovered other important experiences and details about care she received during infancy and childhood. Teena joined the Patient and Family Advisory Committee because believes in the value of oversight of the healthcare system by a third-party organization. Without outside oversight, she believes a system will fail or stagnate. Teena has seen first-hand the spectacular elements, as well as the struggles, of Alberta’s healthcare system. Teena is proud to inform and support the HQCA’s work to monitor the system and recognize where good work is happening.