Relationship, Information, and Management Continuity

Given the critical role continuity of care plays in the healthcare system, the HQCA conducted an in-depth study to understand the conceptualization and measurement of continuity of care by determining the factors that influence both seamless and fragmented patient journeys. The report presents both the qualitative and quantitative results of this in-depth study.

Opportunities for improving continuity of care are presented based on interviews and focus groups with patients and providers.

Continuity of Patient Care

The HQCA has published two reports related to continuity of care in Alberta’s health system: our original report, 2013 Continuity of Patient Care Study and a follow up review: Improving Continuity of Care: Key Opportunities and a Status Report on Recommendations from the 2013 Continuity of Patient Care Study, released in 2016.

Continuity of care is the degree to which a series of healthcare events is experienced as coherent and connected, and consistent with the patient’s medical needs and personal context. Continuity of care is important to the well-being of patients and to the effectiveness of Alberta’s healthcare system.