Quality & Safety Education Framework

The Quality & Safety Education Framework, previously the Blueprint Project, aims to give a consistent approach to patient safety education in Alberta by identifying common key messages related to patient safety that should be incorporated into educational programs at all levels (undergraduate, post graduate, workplace learning), for all health care workers (support staff, frontline care providers, operational and strategic leaders and board members).

The Patient Safety Conundrum:

This is a framework of 27 learning topics that answers the question: “How can health care be made safer?” These learning topics represent key actions and attitudes that healthcare providers and leaders can take or adopt to make care safer, and are the focus for creating learning outcome and objective statements that will drive educational activities.

The 27 learning topics in the framework were derived from the Healthcare Encounter Safety and Quality Model (HESQM), a theory-based model for understanding why failures of healthcare delivery occur. The HESQM is described in the Patient Safety Principles document, which identifies and provides a rationale for six fundamental principles that define the basic requirements for safe care.

In 2010, an Environmental Scan of Patient Safety Education in Alberta’s Post-Secondary Education Sector was undertaken to determine the extent to which a systems approach to patient safety is being taught. A Patient Safety Education Self-Assessment Tool was developed to prompt participating programs in thinking about how a systems approach to patient safety is integrated into their program. Feedback from the 18 participating programs suggests that while concepts related to safe patient care are an integral component of most programs, it appears few programs are teaching a systems approach to patient safety. This work stimulated some faculty development workshops.

Blueprint Brochure

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Patient Safety Conundrum

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Patient Safety Principles

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Environmental Scan

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