2022 Primary Healthcare Panel Reports Available

The 2022 reports are available today. This free report provides measures on continuity of care, screening of chronic conditions, COVID-19 vaccination data, virtual care appointments, and more – so physicians can reflect on their practice and compare with colleagues.

Dr. Ojedokun

Primary Healthcare Panel Reports have been offered for more than a decade now. The HQCA develops them in partnership with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Medical Association, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, the Physician Learning Program, Primary Care Networks, and the HQCA Patient and Family Advisory Committee.

For family physicians such as Dr. Joseph Ojedokun of Whitecourt, Alberta, the reports are an important component of quality improvement.

“You can’t improve without measurement,” says Dr. Ojedokun. “My Primary Healthcare Panel Report allows me to see how many patients are actually in my panel, how many patients I can serve effectively, along with many key measurements including breast cancer screening and colorectal cancer screening. Without knowing this data, it’s impossible to improve patient care. That’s why I use my report.”

Family physicians and/or their quality improvement representatives can request a report here. If you’ve already requested your report, you can access it here.