Resignation of Andrew Neuner, chief executive officer

The HQCA board of directors have announced that Andrew Neuner, chief executive officer, has given notice of his resignation, effective June 2020.

Statement from HQCA Board Chair, Brent Windwick:

Andrew has served the HQCA for six years, and has achieved an array of accomplishments. Along with my fellow board members, I am proud of Andrew’s contributions to Alberta’s healthcare system, and we are committed to supporting the HQCA through this change. It is the role of the HQCA board of directors to appoint a new chief executive officer. We will start a rigorous recruitment process immediately to find a suitable candidate for the position.

Andrew has led a committed and dedicated team that diligently works every day to deliver on the HQCA’s mandate. I have every confidence that this is an organization that will work seamlessly and successfully through this transition, and it will be business as usual. We will continue to pursue the many quality and safety initiatives already underway, including:

  • Monitoring the quality and safety of Alberta’s healthcare system through our FOCUS on Healthcare online reporting tool
  • Providing a voice to patients through our patient experience surveys including those in emergency department care, primary care, and continuing care.
  • Supporting improvement in primary care by providing family physicians across the province with digital Primary Healthcare Panel Reports.

The HQCA will continue to work collaboratively with its partners towards the ongoing improvement of healthcare quality and safety for Albertans.