The HQCA announces the 2022 Patient Experience Award recipients

May 4, 2022 – Today, the HQCA honours healthcare organizations and professionals for improving the patient and family experience during another changing and challenging year in healthcare.

“The pandemic has continued to place extraordinary pressures on service providers, yet many have shown a commitment to continually improving patient and family experiences,” notes Sue Peters, Chair of the HQCA’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee and a member of the final selection panel.

“Once again we see teams listening to patients and families, taking action to improve, and empowering patients and families to guide their own care,” adds Charlene McBrien-Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of the HQCA. “This is at the heart of person-centred care. These awards bring awareness to great work being done across Alberta to improve the patient experience, and show how the patient and family voice can make the healthcare system better.” 

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