Simulation-based Mock-up Evaluation Framework

This framework, developed in collaboration with many experts and stakeholders, is intended to be a guiding document to support the planning and evaluation of healthcare environment mock-ups from which an improved design process can result. Specifically, it outlines a systematic way to collect and analyze data from full scale mock-ups through the use of simulation, where individuals enact processes and procedures that will be performed in the space.

Simulation-based Mock-up Evaluation Framework

Download a copy of the Framework. Please note, this is an updated version to reflect minor attribution changes from the original posted on April 11, 2016. More →

Framework Appendices

Download a copy of the appendices below.

Appendix 1

Listing of evaluation tasks More →

Appendix 2

Simulation scenario template More →

Appendix 3

Sample pre-briefing script and instructions More →

Appendix 4

Photography suggestions More →

Appendix 5

Videography suggestions More →

Appendix 6

Data analysis spreadsheet template More →

Appendix 7

Recommendations template More →