Request a report

The HQCA provides its Primary Healthcare Panel Reports upon request to family physicians across the province. Click either of the links below to request your panel report.

Click here to request your personal panel report

Contains aggregate information about the individual clinician’s panel of patients. May be requested by a family doctor, pediatrician or nurse practitioner who has a billing number.

Click here to request a clinic panel report

Contains aggregate information about the panel of patients cared for by a group of clinicians who practice in a single location.

CII-CPAR Physicians & Clinics

If you are participating in CII-CPAR, you will automatically receive a Primary Healthcare Panel Report that is based on your confirmed patient list from CPAR. There is no need for you to do anything further.

If you are NOT participating in CII-CPAR, please click on the links below to request a report. One of the benefits of participating in CII-CPAR is that your Primary Health Care Patient Panel Report will be based on a more accurate patient panel. To get started, contact the CII-CPAR team at 1.866.505.3302 or

If you have specific questions, email: or contact us at 1.855.508.8162.