Onboarding: navigating the report

Knowing how to use the report successfully, helps you dive deeper into the data. Use these resources to help you learn more about using and navigating the Primary Healthcare Panel reports.

Learn about the digital report: Navigation maps

Navigating the reports is easy once you understand their relationships to one another.

Use these legend maps as a resource to navigate the digital tool.

Learn about the digital report: How-to-navigate video

Watch this video, to discover the relationship between the home, section and measure parts of the report.

Learn about the digital report: How-to-print video

Being able to extract/print the report, or elements of the report helps bring the data to life.

Watch this video, to learn how to print the digital report.

Learn about the PDF reports: e-learning module training

Using the PDF report instead of the digital version? Learn how to navigate the PDF. Watch this learning module (Navigating the Primary Healthcare Panel Report) – it will introduce you to the main features of the report.

If you have specific questions, email: primaryhealthcarereports@hqca.ca or contact us at 1.855.508.8162.