Primary Healthcare Panel Reports (OLD page)

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Contains aggregate information about the individual clinician’s panel of patients. May be requested by a family doctor, pediatrician or nurse practitioner who has a billing number.

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Contains aggregate information about the panel of patients cared for by a group of clinicians who practice in a single location.

These standardized patient panel reports use administrative health data to provide aggregate information about selected aspects of:

  • Practice characteristics (physician report only)
  • Panel characteristics
  • Preventative care and imaging practices
  • Chronic conditions prevalence and management
  • Pharmaceuticals use
  • Health system utilization

Physicians and their teams can use this information to strengthen the patient’s medical home by improving panel management, continuity, access and quality of care for their patients.

To learn more about panel reports please:

  • check out this informational video
  • watch this learning module (Navigating the Primary Healthcare Panel Report) – it will introduce you to the main features of the report

Revised reports

The 2016-17 Primary Healthcare Panel Reports were substantially revised through a collaborative effort of the HQCA, patients, family physicians, PCN executive and medical directors, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Medical Association, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, and the Universities of Alberta and Calgary medical schools. The revised report includes

  • Updated measures which are actionable and useful
  • A new format for easier reading and interpretation
  • A new dashboard to help identify successes and areas for improvement

Different reports

Physician Proxy Panel Report: Based on an estimated physician patient panel created using the new HQCA panel selection algorithm (described in the data dictionary. Request this option if you cannot provide a confirmed patient list (i.e., list of patients who agree you are their main family physician).

Confirmed Patient List Report (CPL): Based on the physician’s confirmed patient list (CPL). Request this report if you have confirmed the list of patients who agree you are their main family physician. The physician must complete an information sharing agreement (ISA) and send to the HQCA a list of PHNs of patients on their CPL. Once we receive the completed ISA and PHN list, the report will be emailed to the physician within two weeks.

Clinic Report: Based on the PHN’s of patients for up to 20 participating clinic physicians. This can be created from physician proxy panels or confirmed panel lists (CPL). A clinic CPL report requires all participating physicians to complete an ISA and send a PHN list to the HQCA.

About the reports

Since 2011, the HQCA has been providing Primary Healthcare Panel Reports upon request to family physicians across the province. We hope these reports are an invaluable resource that can be used to support and inform program planning, panel management, quality improvement, and policy development at the various levels of the primary healthcare system.

If you have specific questions, email: or contact us at 403.297.8162.

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