Medication Management Checklist

The HQCA developed the Medication Management Checklist for Supportive Living as part of a larger project undertaken by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services to improve medication management in continuing care.

The checklist presents 74 leading practices for medication safety in supportive living. It is intended to be used by a multidisciplinary team, typically consisting of a site manager, frontline care provider, home-care nurse or case manager, and pharmacist who meet to share their knowledge of the medication system in a particular site. A self-assessment process helps identify vulnerabilities within the system, which can then be addressed through a quality and safety improvement process. The checklist booklet includes suggestions for a successful team meeting and creating an improvement plan.

Contact us to request a hard copy of the checklist, more information about the checklist project, or information about how a self-assessment process with the checklist can be used as part of a quality and safety improvement program.

Medication Management Checklist for Supportive Living

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Early Adopter Initiative Final Report

To promote use of the Medication Management Checklist for Supportive Living, an “early adopter initiative” was undertaken in collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) Seniors’ Health. Between November 1, 2012 and January 30, 2013, 66 of 147 eligible supportive living sites and personal care homes in the province voluntarily completed the checklist and submitted their results to the HQCA. Follow-up interviews were done with site managers and AHS case managers to learn more about their experience with the checklist process. The ‘Early Adopter Initiative Final Report’ summarizes the provincial aggregate results for all checklist items and highlights key findings from the follow-up interviews. More →