The Safe Practice of Dry Needling in Alberta

Posted Oct 8, 2014

The Safe Practice of Dry Needling in Alberta report is a summary of a review conducted by the HQCA in response to a request by the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta to complete an independent review of adverse outcomes, specifically pneumothorax, resulting from dry needling practices by physiotherapists in Alberta, in order to improve the quality and safety of this practice.

The HQCA is sharing the findings of this review more broadly to inform quality and safety in dry needling practices for all practitioners. The review identified four issues related to dry needling practice in Alberta, which if addressed, would contribute to the improvement of the quality and safety of dry needling.

Dry needling is a broad term that refers to a treatment technique that uses solid filament needles to puncture the skin for therapeutic purposes. It includes a range of approaches, such as acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, intramuscular stimulation, or similar treatments used by numerous healthcare professionals.

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