Patient Concerns Management Framework

Posted Jun 6, 2017

In 2007, under the direction of the Health Quality Network (HQN), the HQCA first created the Patient Concerns/Complaints Resolution Provincial Framework to help organizations develop, implement, and refine processes to effectively manage the expression of concerns. In 2016, the HQCA was asked by the HQN to refresh this document to ensure its relevance for Alberta’s current healthcare landscape.

We are pleased to publish this updated framework, which will assist those who are in need of developing or refining patient concerns management concepts and processes. This document is meant to complement, not take precedence over, the authority of the various healthcare organizations, legislative acts, and regulations.

This framework reflects the commitment of individuals and groups across Alberta to ensure the patient’s voice is heard, through the expression of concerns, and to provide an effective mechanism to manage those concerns for overall system improvement.

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