FOCUS on Emergency Departments – Q2 data

Posted Nov 24, 2017

We’ve updated all the charts on the HQCA’s FOCUS on Emergency Departments website with new data. The time period for the new data is the second quarter of the 2017-18 fiscal year (July, August, September).

FOCUS on Emergency Departments was launched in January 2017 as Alberta’s go-to resource for reliable information about what patients experience in our province’s 16 busiest emergency departments. The HQCA will continue to update the data each quarter.

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FOCUS on Healthcare

The FOCUS on Emergency Departments website that we have today is just the beginning. The HQCA is preparing to launch FOCUS on Primary Healthcare in spring 2018. The HQCA’s vision for FOCUS is to continue developing the website to display information about Alberta’s entire healthcare system and refresh the data in frequent, consistent cycles. In doing so, FOCUS would present more than 250 measures that describe patient experiences on a quarterly basis, give voice to more than 90,000 Albertans per year, and reflect Albertans’ experiences, their health outcomes and the costs of our healthcare system. This scope makes FOCUS uniquely Albertan.