HQCA 2017-18 A Year in Review: Inspiring Improvement

Posted Nov 7, 2018

The Health Quality Council of Alberta is extremely proud of our accomplishments this year. Our 2017-18 annual review records the ways we are making an impact.

The road to improvement can take more than one path. With our patient and health system partners, we continue to objectively examine Alberta’s health system. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement; we have the relentless vision to navigate possibilities to drive progress.

We invite you to read the report.

Then, we invite you to:

  • SHARE this report link with people who might not know the HQCA. Having more Albertans know about us, and giving them the opportunity to participate in their health experience gives improvement a voice that isn’t easily ignored.
  • PARTICIPATE in the road to improvement. On the second last page (37), we’ve suggested a number of simple ways you can participate. Together we can seek opportunities to improve Alberta’s health system.
  • CONTACT – if there’s anything you’d like to discuss in greater detail, we welcome the conversation.

We are proud to make a meaningful contribution to our healthcare system, for the benefit of each Albertan.