New primary care patient experience information on FOCUS on Primary Healthcare website

Posted Mar 19, 2019

The HQCA is pleased to announce the addition of provincial primary healthcare patient experience survey information to our FOCUS on Primary Healthcare website.

In addition to this provincial survey, the HQCA conducts patient experience surveys with individual clinics so that results can be reviewed by providers at a local level. Experience surveys are a valuable tool to collect feedback from patients receiving primary healthcare services that helps identify improvement opportunities, fosters a culture of patient-centered care, and can help monitor progress over time.

The survey measures added to FOCUS on Primary Healthcare are patient experience with:

·        Family doctor’s listening

·        Family doctor’s explanation

·        Appointment length

·        Family doctor showing respect

·        Family doctor involving patient in care decisions

·        Care coordination

·        Family doctor availability

·        Family doctor overall

The data in the HQCA’s survey was collected via an email survey with Albertans from October 2018 to January 2019.

Patient experience survey results are one of several information sources available to primary care providers in their work to improve care for patients, including the HQCA’s Primary Healthcare Panel Reports  to physicians, clinics, and primary care networks.