COVID-19 Seniors Lodge Family and Resident Experience Survey

Posted Jun 2, 2021

We partnered with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services (AHS), and Alberta Seniors and Housing to conduct the COVID-19 Seniors Lodge Family and Resident Experience Survey to:

  1. develop a better understanding of resident and family member experiences and perceptions during the most restrictive time of the COVID-19 pandemic (Restricted Access – beginning March 20, 2020) as well as perceptions regarding the lifting of these restrictions (Safe Access – beginning July 23, 2020); and to
  2. identify suggestions from residents living in seniors lodges and from their family members about how to improve the actions of seniors lodge operators as well as the overall health system response to the pandemic.

The final report was shared with senior lodge operators, AHS, Alberta Health, and Alberta Seniors and Housing as a resource to inform overall health system and seniors lodge operators’ future pandemic planning activities.

Due to a limited sample size, the HQCA did not share this report broadly as the survey results only represent those that participated in the survey and cannot be attributed to the entire seniors lodge population.

We would like to thank the family members and residents who participated in this work.

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