Make the most of the vaccination data in your panel report

Posted Jun 23, 2021

The HQCA has partnered with the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) to develop resources for physicians and their clinic teams looking to leverage the COVID-19 vaccination data now available in Primary Healthcare Panel Reports.

On June 2, the HQCA augmented panel reports to include data on how many patients have received a COVID-19 vaccination, by age and chronic conditions, and whether a patient is partially or fully vaccinated. The report also provides Personal Health Numbers for patients not fully vaccinated so physicians can assess whether outreach is required. The information is updated weekly.

Today, the HQCA and the Alberta Medical Association’s Accelerating Change Transformation Team are introducing new video resources for physicians and their clinic teams.

Watch the full 22-minute video on Using the HQCA Panel Reports for COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach, or select a section of interest below.

  1. Why vaccine outreach is important
  2. How you can access your Primary Healthcare Panel Report to review COVID-19 vaccination data
  3. Tips on actioning your vaccination list
  4. What effective outreach looks like

We also encourage physicians and their clinic teams to check out the AMA’s Immunization Clinic Tools page for additional resources.

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