Vaccination data added to physician panel reports

Posted Jun 2, 2021

Family physicians now have a more accurate view of COVID-19 vaccination acceptance by their patients.

The HQCA is augmenting its Primary Healthcare Panel Reports to include vaccination data.

Physicians can see how many of their patients have received a COVID-19 vaccination, by age and chronic conditions, and whether a patient is partially or fully vaccinated.

The report will also provide the Personal Health Numbers for patients not fully vaccinated so physicians can assess whether follow-up is required.

The COVID-19 vaccination data is available now, and will be updated on a weekly basis throughout 2021.

Physicians who currently request a report will be notified via email. If you do not currently request a report, please visit to request yours today.

Family physicians can use their panel’s vaccination data to follow up with patients in several ways, including:

  • Contacting patients as a group via secure message or email, letting them know you recommend the vaccines and inviting patients to contact you to discuss any concerns or hesitations they have about the vaccines.
  • Reaching out to patients individually, possibly starting with the oldest recognizing that they have likely been eligible the longest (virtual and in-person visits responding to vaccine hesitancy are billable).
  • Cross-referencing the list with your upcoming appointments to ensure you raise vaccination with patients who have not yet been immunized.
  • Monitoring vaccination rates of your panel to determine timing and impact of vaccination efforts.

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccination data, physicians can use the HQCA Primary Healthcare Panel Reports to review patient continuity rates, various screening measures for chronic conditions, and other panel management data. Please note that lab utilization data, and the metrics that use lab data, are not currently available. The HQCA is working with Alberta Health Services to complete an update to this section of the report.