Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services Incident Review

This review looked at the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response time to a fatal dog attack in Calgary, Alberta on June 5, 2022. 

Laboratory Services

In May 2016, at the request of the Minister of Health, the HQCA presented the report, Moving Ahead on Transformation of Laboratory Services in Alberta. In response, the Minister directed that a project team be established under a Steering Committee of senior officials. This committee would consider and address four themes: a provincial plan for integrated laboratory services in Alberta; one laboratory information system for the province; planning for new laboratory infrastructure to meet the urgent needs in Edmonton; and, a robust stakeholder engagement process to support these processes. The outcome of this work was a second report from the HQCA, Provincial Plan for Integrated Laboratory Services in Alberta, 2017. 

A Provincial Laboratory Services Project Steering Committee was established to provide oversight and expedited decision-making to the project team. As a participant on the steering committee, the HQCA developed for their consideration, a Provincial Plan for Integrated Laboratory Services in Alberta.

Continuity of Patient Care

The HQCA has published two reports related to continuity of care in Alberta’s health system: our original report, 2013 Continuity of Patient Care Study and a follow up review: Improving Continuity of Care: Key Opportunities and a Status Report on Recommendations from the 2013 Continuity of Patient Care Study, released in 2016.

Continuity of care is the degree to which a series of healthcare events is experienced as coherent and connected, and consistent with the patient’s medical needs and personal context. Continuity of care is important to the well-being of patients and to the effectiveness of Alberta’s healthcare system.

Chart Review of Fixed-Wing Medevac Patients Who Landed at the Edmonton International Airport

Findings and recommendations from a review of the transport and care provided to critically-ill and time-sensitive medevac patients since the March 2013 Edmonton City Centre Airport closure.