COVID-19 Experiences and Impact Survey

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In May/June 2020, the HQCA surveyed Albertans on public health measures, health system access as well as the support available to stay informed, well, and protected during the pandemic. The survey results were used to better understand how Alberta responded during the global pandemic, and helped to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement for the months ahead.

In October 2020, we conducted another survey and shared findings with key decision-makers in Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services to inform their ongoing pandemic response efforts.

Additional information
The HQCA has conducted the COVID-19 Continuing Care Study to better understand what has worked well and what could be improved in seniors’ lodges and continuing care sites during Alberta’s pandemic response.

Latest findings

COVID-19 Survey Highlights (2020)
A summary of the survey results.
COVID-19 Experiences and Impact Survey Report (2020)
Full results from May/June 2020 survey.