Healthcare Facility Mock-up Evaluation Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate the use of the HQCA’s Simulation-based Mock-up Evaluation Framework to evaluate the proposed design of healthcare facilities.

Case studies

Simulation-based Mock-up Evaluation of a Universal Operating Room – article

Vancouver General Hospital used the HQCA’s Simulation-based Mock-up Evaluation Framework to evaluate the proposed design template for 28 universal operating rooms. The HQCA, Vancouver Coastal Health, W21C Research and Innovation Centre, and the University of Calgary published an article in the Health Environments Research & Design Journal that describes this work.

Scenario Enactment Video

This video features a delivery of care scenario enacted within a resident room mock-up to inform the design of CapitalCare Norwood’s complex continuing care facility.

Scenario Enactment Analysis Video

This video features a medication stocking and preparation scenario enacted within a medication room mock-up. This video highlights observations which can be coded and analyzed.