Using Your Report

Understanding how to use your report ensures you are able to dig deeper into the results, the measures of interest, and can reflect on what the measures mean to your practice. Check out our many resources.

Optimal viewing

The report is best viewed in the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari with a screen resolution at or above 1680 x 1050 (though it will work in other web browsers and at lower resolutions). The report has not be optimized for viewing on a tablet or smart phone.

Patient vaccination data

The HQCA worked collaboratively with primary care leaders to create a tool to identify patients who have not received their COVID-19 vaccination. The panel report allows physicians to reach out to patients and address barriers to vaccine uptake.

Watch the full 22-minute video on Using the HQCA Panel Reports for COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach, or select a section of interest below.

  1. Why vaccine outreach is important
  2. How you can access your Primary Healthcare Panel Report to review COVID-19 vaccination data
  3. Tips on actioning your vaccination list
  4. What effective outreach looks like

We also encourage you to check out the AMA’s Immunization Clinic Tools page for additional resources.

Educational videos

Additional resources

Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary provides information on the description, rationale, interpretation, calculations, data sources, limitations and alignments of all the metrics in the HQCA’s Provincial Primary Healthcare Panel Report. This information is intended to help improve the understanding and interpretation of the metrics and their presentation in the report.

Proxy Algorithm

The HQCA proxy panel is an estimate of a physician’s active panel based on the pattern of family physician billing claims over a three-year period. The algorithm predicts which family physician, from all those seen by a patient over the three-year time period, is most likely to be the patient’s main family physician. If there is a tie between two or more family physicians at any step, assignment moves to the next step.The proxy panel will be most accurate for physicians who had a stable practice during the data period and who saw few patients of other family physicians (e.g., in an after-hours or walk-in clinic)

Understanding continuity data learning module

This module is all about relational continuity, as the Primary Healthcare Panel Reports contain measures that address relational continuity.

Webinar for Improvement Facilitators

Co-hosted by the Alberta Medical Association and the HQCA, we hosted a webinar on March 28, 2019 for Improvement Facilitators in Alberta introducing them to the Primary Healthcare Panel Report.