Panel Report Stories

See how family physicians, practice facilitators, and clinics use their Primary Healthcare Panel Reports for quality improvement.

Dr. Michelle Hart

One of the cautionary notes Dr. Michelle Hart has learned over the years from her panel report is that it is sometimes the patients she sees the most – the ones who come in for a variety of ailments – who get overlooked for the more routine preventative screening.

“We’re often more up to date with the healthy people who come in for their regular physical because when I’m seeing them, I’ve got my physical hat on,” she says.
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Dr. Michelle Hart, left, and patient care coordinator Justine Yoc.

The Department of Family Medicine – University of Calgary

Physicians review the percentage of pharmaceuticals dispensed amongst their patient panel and compare with the percentages dispensed across panels in their primary care network and clinics across Alberta. The information has led to valuable education with the family medicine residents about the types of questions they should ask patients when filling specific prescriptions. The goal of these conversations is to prescribe appropriately and limit the overuse or an inappropriate extended use of medications such as proton pump inhibitors.
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The team at South Health Campus, Family Medicine Teaching Centre.

Dr. Oliver David

In this Alberta Doctors’ Digest article, Dr. Oliver David discusses using his panel report to target colorectal cancer screening rates that dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his HQCA report – which provides information based on his confirmed patient list – he can compare his patient data over three years. He can also dive deeper into specific patient populations by gender, age, or condition – for example, to better understand the gaps or variances. He can even pull a patient list of those who may be due for screening.
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Dr. Oliver David, with team members Julie Tanpangco (left) and Marlin Royo (right).

Shea Wilks, Palliser Primary Care Network

The Palliser Primary Care Network is heavily reliant on the data in the 40-plus clinic EMR systems across Palliser PCN to do this work. However, the Health Quality Council of Alberta’s Primary Healthcare Panel Reports are among the important secondary data sources that contribute to the efforts. We interviewed Shea Wilks, the Patient’s Medical Home Optimization Evaluation Manager in the Palliser PCN, to learn more about how his team uses the HQCA reports.
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Shea Wilks, Patient Medical Home Optimization Evaluation Manager.

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We interviewed family physicians who have used their panel reports to improve patient continuity, describing, access, and more. Find out what they had to say.