Quality & Safety Reviews

As part of our mandate, the HQCA may be requested to assess or study matters respecting patient safety and health service quality in Alberta’s healthcare system.

This library includes past reviews conducted by the HQCA.

Report nameDate publishedLink
Patient Perspectives on an Electronic Referral System for Alberta
This report captures patient perspectives on an electronic referral system for Alberta’s healthcare system. Organizations looking to either improve the overall referral process or implement an electronic referral system can benefit from considering the patient perspective described in detail in this report.
January 14, 2016View Report
Chart Review of Fixed-Wing Medevac Patients Who Landed at the Edmonton International Airport
Findings and recommendations from a review of the transport and care provided to critically-ill and time-sensitive medevac patients since the March 2013 Edmonton City Centre Airport closure.
January 12, 2015View Report
The Safe Practice of Dry Needling in Alberta
A summary of a review conducted by the HQCA in response to a request by the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta to complete an independent review of adverse outcomes, specifically pneumothorax, resulting from dry needling practices by physiotherapists in Alberta, in order to improve the quality and safety of this practice.
October 8, 2014View Report
Total Parenteral Nutrition Review
Alberta Health Services requested the HQCA to conduct an independent review of the implications for quality and patient safety in AHS processes related to all aspects of Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) in the Edmonton Zone.
June 27, 2014View Report
Review of Quality Assurance in Continuing Care Health Services in Alberta
The Minister of Health requested the HQCA to examine the adequacy and monitoring of quality assurance processes utilized by AHS with respect to continuing care health services delivered directly by AHS and providers under contract to AHS.
April 30, 2014View Report
Review of Alberta Health Services’ Continuing Care Wait List: First Available Appropriate Living Option Policy
Alberta Health Services (AHS) requested the HQCA conduct a review of the quality and patient safety implications of the AHS ‘first available living option’ policy.
March 26, 2014View Report
Review of Operations of Ground Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Alberta
This review examined the implications for quality and patient safety with respect to ground emergency
medical services in Alberta.
January 1, 2013View Report
Quality of Anatomical Pathology Specimen Preparation and Interpretation 2010-11
A 2011 independent review of separate events in the practice of anatomical pathology that occurred in Calgary and Edmonton.
October 1, 2012View Report
Quality of Care and Safety of Patients Requiring Access to Emergency Department Care and Cancer Surgery and the Role and Process of Physician Advocacy
A review looking into whether the quality of care and safety of patients requiring access to emergency department (ED) care and cancer surgery were compromised due to extended lengths of waits for required services.
February 22, 2012View Report
Safety Implications for Patients Requiring Medevac Services to and from the Edmonton International Airport
An assessment of the patient safety issues to be addressed if medevac services were relocated to the Edmonton International Airport.
April 5, 2011View Report
Alberta’s Response to the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic
A review of Alberta’s response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and Alberta’s plans and preparedness to determine what could be improved in a future response to another pandemic or other public health emergency.
December 1, 2010View Report
Review of Three Medication and One Expressed Breast Milk Incidents at the Alberta Children’s Hospital
A review of three medication incidents and one expressed breast milk incident that occurred on the same nursing unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta over the course of two months.
March 17, 2010View Report
Infection Prevention and Control in the High Prairie Health Complex (focusing on the re-use of single-use syringes)
A review of the High Prairie Health Complex’s use of single-use syringes, which were being commonly loaded with multiple doses of medication and administered through intravenous (IV) tubing to multiple patients during the course of a day in the endoscopy suite and recovery room.
July 1, 2009View Report
Review in the Topotecan/Raltitrexed Medication Incident at the Cross Cancer Institute
The HQCA, as mandated by section 14 of the HQCA regulation, was requested by Alberta Health Services to examine events surrounding the administration of an incorrect medication to a patient at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. The review was completed and a report presented to Alberta Health Services early in 2009.
January 30, 2009View Report
Emergency and Urgent Care Services in the Calgary Health Region
This review was undertaken at the request of the Calgary Health Region, where the HQCA used recognized frames of reference and an input-throughout-output model to compare and contrast current and planned Calgary Health Region processes and practices.
September 1, 2007View Report
Infection Prevention and Control and CSR Sterilization Issues in the East Central Health Region
A review of the underlying causes and contributing factors of the closure of St. Joseph’s General Hospital Central Sterilization Room (CSR) and further assessment of other East Central Health sites with respect to infection prevention and control and CSR practices.
July 25, 2007View Report
Leading Practices Related to the Administration of Medications
A review of leading practices related to the administration of medications, including chemotherapy medications, through IV pumps in ambulatory care settings.
May 1, 2007View Report