Patient Complaints/Concerns

The Minister of Health has formally requested the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) undertake an independent review of Alberta’s patient complaints/concerns processes. The purpose of this review is to assess the current complaints/concerns processes across Alberta’s healthcare system and to propose a model for patient complaints/concerns management in Alberta.

As part of the process, the HQCA is engaging with Albertans and various health system partners across the province and health system, to gain an understanding of the current state of complaints/concerns management processes. The HQCA was asked to consider past work, like the Patient Concerns Management Framework, to inform this review. The HQCA will also be conducting a scan of select jurisdictions across Canada and internationally for leading practices in complaints/concerns management to inform findings and recommendations.

A final report of the findings and recommendation will be presented to the Minister of Health by December 31, 2020.