Alberta Seniors Home Care Client Experience Survey

The HQCA conducts surveys to capture feedback from seniors, ages 65 and older, about their experience with long term supportive or maintenance home care services. The reports produced from these surveys are an important part of our mandate to measure, monitor, and report to Albertans about their experience and satisfaction with the quality of health services they receive.

We share the survey information we collect and analyze with all home care providers, healthcare professionals, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Health to help inform future improvements.

From October 2018 to March 2019, the HQCA conducted its second seniors home care client experience survey. The 2018 report highlights areas of success and identifies potential improvement opportunities related to home care client experiences across Alberta.

The results of the first survey, conducted in 2015, are available using the left navigation on this page.

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Survey Highlights

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Alberta Seniors Home Care Client Experience Survey: Provincial Report

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Alberta Seniors Home Care Client Experience Survey: Appendices

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